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The first applicable electric arc welding method has been developed by Nikolai Bernardos in 1882. More than 130 years from that moment, welding is a part of our everyday life, being applied to al kinds of constructions, vehicles and appliances. Welding is not without danger. Apart from heat and dangerous fumes, welding emits high amounts of UV light wich can lead to a condition called arc eye, the inflammation of the cornea and even the burning of the retina. This should always be prevented by wearing Jackson welding helmets.

Jackson Safety has been a well recognized brand in safety equipment for years. Their welding masks are used around the world to provide reliable and comfortable protection. Whether you are a novice or a pro, working in a clean shop or on a dusty factory-floor, these helmets provide excellent maneuverability, comfort and reliability.

As with other suppliers, these helmets can be divided in two different categories:

Passive masks:

These masks are the straightforward helmets with a dark lens to protect your eyes. While extremely reliable and simple, these helmets have the major drawback that visibility while not welding is quite limited. This is for the simple reason that the lens has to be very dark to protect your eyes from the extreme bright light that comes from welding.

Examples of passive masks from the Jackson Welding Helmets productline:

W10 HSL 1 Passive Welding Helmet

W20 860P Leather Welding Helmet

Active masks:

Being used on the workplace more and more are the active masks, also referred to as digital or auto-darkening have a built-in darkening filter which responds to the intensity of the welding flame. Being able to be customized to different light-sources this is the perfect solution for (semi)pro welders. Not having to open your helmet every time you have to check, readjust or perform other tasks will save you a lot of time and sweat.

As you can see by the productname of these helmets, these are at the higher-end of the Jackson Welding Helmets product range:

W30 Professional Fixed Shade 10 Auto-Darkening Filter

W60 TRUESIGHT Auto-Darkening Filter

As you can see Jackson Safety provides a broad range of products for all kinds of welding. So make sure you keep safe, and always protect your eyes using Jackson welding helmets.

Update Spring 2012: designs

You have to face the fact that wearing a welding helmet is about safety first, not about fashion. Should you actually care about your looks at work? Of course not, but it sure is fun to be able to select a helmet of you own style. You don’t want to be one of the guys with the plain black of silver helmet, you want to be recognized at your working place for wearing that unique bright colored helmet. There is a large choice of Jackson Welding Helmets. Different models, features, sizes and also different designs. So are you the guy (or girl) with the dragon helmet? Or with the red one with flames on the side? Or do you dare to arrive at work with a pin-up girl or a big skull on the side of your welding helmet? Check out the Halo X collection of Jackson Safety.